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B.Diamond x 100
Kitsune-Fire !!


Milestone Reached

Surpass pre-registration milestones for cute pet, Kitsune-Fire! The more registrations, the better the rewards. Invite your friends now!

50,000 people

T4 Purple Ring x 1

100,000 people

T4 Purple Bracelet x 1

200,000 people

Shadow Melody x 1

300,000 people

Dragon Tide Title x 1

500,000 people

Kitsune-Fire x 1


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B.Diamond x 100

B.Diamond x 100

Redeem code copied! Go to the X-Widget in game and claim your rewards


  1. Each game account only qualify for one gift code.
  2. All gift codes will be valid after official launch.
  3. Redeem the codes in-game through: X-Widget -> Gift box icon
  4. All codes will be expired on Dec 31 23:59 (GMT+8), 2021.