Aura Kingdom & Grand Fantasia Game Data Transfer

We are doing our best and aiming to launch the site for account transfer on the second week of January, 2023.


To continue to play Aura Kingdom and Grand Fantasia with your existing data from your Gamigo account after the service transfer, you must complete the data transfer request. You cannot transfer your data without your Transfer Code. The code will be send via service e-mail by gamigo during January 2023.

Please contact Gamigo's Customer Service if you did not receive the service e-mail.


Obtain data transfer code from the service e-mail during January 2023. It will be sent to your registered email of Gamigo's account.


Create or log in to your X-LEGEND member's account.

Email verification has not been completed.


After reviewing the terms of service, please enter your code.

Important Information About Game Data Transfer Requests

  • You cannot transfer your game data after the game data transfer period has ended. All untransferred game data will be permanently deleted at a certain time in the future. The specific date and timing will be announced in the future in a separate post.
  • After February, 2023, you cannot play Aura Kingdom & Grand Fantasia using a Gamigo account. You can only play the game with the X-LEGEND member's account.
  • After February, 2023, you cannot play Aura Kingdom & Grand Fantasia using the old game client. You can only play the game with new game client which can be downloaded from the new X-LEGEND website.
  • X-LEGEND can not access and retrieve your game data without your consent (game data transfer), which means X-LEGEND will not provide any support for players who do not complete their game data transfer request before the deadline (the deadline will be announced separately).
  • Aeria Points will not be inherited and transferred.
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