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Eidolons Homecoming NFT mission starts

Finish a series of missions to get exclusive and unique "Eidolons Homecoming" NFT. Take action now!




Shinobi can swiftly and sharply strike with deadly poison, inflicting immense damage and enhancing their attacks.

Come from the cold nation,
the top assassin master in poison and sword.


The power of the dragon grants Dragoon the highest defense and decent damage, making them invincible on the battlefield.

The great warrior with the halberd,
inherit the willpower of dragon to protect Ramayan.


Elementalists are adept at all kinds of elemental magic, not only dealing stable damage but also healing, easily coping with various challenges.

The envoy controls the elemental,
nothing is impossible in front of him/her !


Nymphs who master the power of nature can strengthen their abilities through elves and also hinder enemy attacks, conquering every battle.

Come from the unknown otherworld,
the exemplification of the nature spirit.



Moonlight Maiden

Serena likes to ride the moon wandering around at night. She’s innocent and cute, and loves to act coquettishly. However, when it comes to her younger brother - Apollo, she becomes angry and hostile, as if there is some unknown past between them...

Your favorite is Serena,
isn’t it, master?


Guardian Angel

As a guardian archangel with a divine mission, Michelle is reticent and calm, not good at communication. Having gone through the Angelic War, she has trust issues with people. She is an experienced commander who uses the power of holy light to eradicate evil.

Being your guardian is my fate,
and my decision.


Dragon Tyrant

A mysterious Eidolon from an unknown elemental realm, rumored to only appear when the end of days is imminent. Wielding a long sword that can cut through time and space, he once made a vow with someone and came across dimensions to fulfill that promise.

Nothing can separate us,
not even fate.


Nine-tailed Vixen

A white-faced golden-furred nine-tailed vixen incarnated as an ultimate beauty, now taking on the innocent appearance of a shrine maiden. Through the passage of time, she has gained insight into human nature and sees through all worldly entanglements of love and hate.

Tofu skin sushi
and fried tofu are the best~


Fallen Angel

Fallen from grace into the abyss, the strongest fallen angel has a cold and proud personality, only showing interest in those who can match his strength. However, he cannot forget his little sister, Michelle, whom he cherishes above all else.

who do you think you're talking to?


Goddess of Love

Goddess of love and beauty, adept at magic, with a cheerful and open-minded personality, she loves all beautiful things. She has an inclusive and generous nature, but there are still some treasures that she cherishes dearly and is willing to pay any price to protect them.

On you,
I see a beautiful radiance.


Team Adventure New Map, PVP Fight Create Character/Costume Marriage
Team Adventure
New Map, PVP
Create Character / Costume

Rainbow Crystal

The scientists of Turandot have harnessed the power of groundbreaking technology to refine an array of new resources.

By employing the revolutionary Rainbow Crystal in the processes of manufacturing, fortifying, and ranking up equipment, they can unlock unprecedented enhancements in equipment performance.

In addition, thanks to the tireless efforts of our esteemed scientists, the applications of Rainbow Crystal have extended to include Gems Upgraded, Equipment Reroll, and various other enhancements.

As a result, the Lost Forbidden Land, replete with invaluable Rainbow Crystal mines, has emerged as the ultimate battleground where adventurers vie for supremacy.

For a better experience, please use portrait orientation!

For a better experience, please use portrait orientation !