Let's start at the very beginning. Adventurous spirits unite! Classic MMORPG - Join players worldwide!
-Bonus- Journey of Memories

Step into Eden and watch the beautiful scenes play out from your memories. Choose your path and start your adventure!

'Aven' Nice weather. Gear up for an adventure and bring some snacks! What's waiting for us today?
Finish the Journey
Restart the Journey
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  1. The giftcode for this event can only be used once per account. It is valid until 12/31/2023.
  2. Exchange giftcode: Open Item Mall(I) interface and click [Acquire Items]. After entering the giftcode, you can get the items.
  3. Personal data collected in this event will be offered to X-Legend and used to promote 'Eden Eternal'.
  4. X-Legend reserves the right to modify the terms and condtions, and having the rights to make final interpretation of the event.
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