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    A visually stunning
    3D medieval fantasy MMO
    Subvert your impression of RPG






The great warrior with the halberd, inherit the willpower of dragon to protect Ramayan.

  • Stages
  • Dragoon / Dragon Soul / Wyvern Knight / Dragonfire
  • Position
  • Melee / Tank


Come from the cold nation, the top assassin master in poison and sword.

  • Stages
  • Genin / Anbu / Shadow Warrior / Luna's Raven
  • Position
  • Melee / DPS


The envoy controls the elemental, nothing is impossible in front of him/her !

  • Stages
  • Magic Apprentice / Conjurer / Magister / Morning Star
  • Position
  • Ranged / Crowd Control


Come from the unknown otherworld, the exemplification of the nature spirit.

  • Stages
  • Ranger / Windrunner / Flower Whisperer / Zephyr
  • Position
  • Ranged / DPS




    Goddess of Creation

    I do not accept a boring future.

    The highest power which created “Ramayan”, perhaps she should even be the world’s original conscience. She looks down on all creatures, and seems only to care about things that interest her.



    Dragon Tyrant

    Nothing can separate us, even fate.

    Alucard comes from an unknown dimension and it is rumored that he appears only when doomsday is near.
    The huge blade held by Alucard can split time and space, with massive destructive power that is above all of the Eidolons. As Alucard made a pact with someone, he has crossed over the dimensions to the current world.



    Moonlight Maiden

    Serena is master’s favorite, am I ?

    Serena loves to tour around on the moon at night. She’s an innocent female Eidolon, and one that likes to be pampered by the Master. But if you mention his brother, Apollo, she will tell you off. There seems to be some unknown conflict between them in the past ...



    Nine-tailed Vixen

    Tofu-skin Sushi and fried Tofu are the best !

    Kotonoha, an ultimate beauty transformed from a nine-tailed vixen. She has had a lot of fun in the human realm with various identities, currently she has chosen to be an innocent witch. She has observed the humans over time and sees through all emotional conflicts.



    Guardian Angel

    Being your guardian is my fate and my decision.

    As the Archangel, Michelle is responsible for guarding heaven. She's usually silent and barely expresses her emotions, giving an upright yet indifferent impression. Possessing the power of holy light, she slices all evil for justice.



    Goddess of Love

    I see the beauty in your eyes.

    Harmonia is the Goddess of love and beauty who is gifted with magic. Having an open heart and mind, she loves all beautiful beings. Yet there is still one she especially treasure and is willing to do whatever it takes for it.