Crown Four Kingdoms

Choose Your King and Join the Fight


FEATURES | Kingdom Construction

Lord Position

Developed by the original crew of "Aura Kingdom", 4 new warring kingdoms fight against each other, supported by a diverse series of stories as well as quality game content, feel the honor and authority in which the royal heroes withhold – Come now, to this mysterious world, and create a legend of your own!

FEATURES | Kingdom War

King of Four Kingdoms

The MMO-style warring system aims to plunder Relics in order to claim honor for each players’ respective kingdoms. Team up with friends to achieve the ultimate victory! Hundreds of players join in ferociously on the battle of attacking and defending to rejoice the passion of war!

FEATURES | Astonishing Classes

Switch All You Want

The game consists of 4 main classes -- Warrior, Assassin, Ranger, and Archmage. Players can switch sub-classes freely under whichever main class they have chosen. Change according to the situation, use the most suitable class to unleash your greatest potential, and show off what you've got on the battlefield of Kingdom Wars!

FEATURES | Battling Heroes

Your Best Companion

Players can relish a feast for their eyes with the high quality graphics in anime-style. Pick a companion from a selection of cute and adorable heroes to accompany you for your journey!

Unbeatable Emperor Marthus

An a hundred year old empire at the north of Land Omega lies a country with strong people under Centralisation.

Due to the loss of his twin brother, Emperor Marthus changed after retrieving the Holy Sword from the Demon Battle. He alienates from people and frequently declares war.

Besides avenging his brother, collecting all four relics was his other reason for war. To Marthus, only through ruling the entire land would he grasp true victory...

Relic | Sword of Victory

King Dragon of Blue Sea Reidburton

Located in the south of Omega is a natural bay that faces three sides of the ocean. The people who live there are known as the "Son of Ocean" and are skilled in sailing and fishing.

King Reidburton lost his wife in a shipwreck. Filled with rage and regret, the king killed the Sea Dragon and obtained the Chalice. He was then given the title “Dragon Slayer”. According to legends, the King of Kings who owns all four relics may bring the dead back to life. In hopes to save his beloved wife, Reidburton led his army on a voyage to rule the world...

Relic | Chalice of Soul

Sprite Princess Donna

A federate country located in the east of Land Omega, built by sprites highly mastered in magic, lives Princess Donna, who was infected by a mysterious disease as a child.

Despite being healed by the relic, the disease still spread through the country, killing her parents and leaving her unable to grow.

Since then, Donna started to believe that relics contain a forbidden power and should be forever sealed. She must become powerful in order to prevent more people from getting hurt...

Relic | Crown of Life

Holy Queen Medianne

A country situated in a cozy spot with agriculture and trading as economic resources believes in "Saintess".

Queen Medianne was enlightened by "Saintess" at the age of 16. By overthrowing the tyrannic dynasty, she became a savior and successfully created the Republic of Sandre, ruling with parliamentary system.

In order to reach the ultimate goal of creating an equal world ruled by all, Queen Medianne must collect all four relics to bring true peace and justice...

Relic | Priest of Reality